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American Family Karate & Jujitsu is a Personal Protection

Martial Arts System

for Ages 4 to Adult!

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Dragons Program

Ages 6 to 8

Youth Combatives

Ages 8 to 13

Adult & Teen Combatives

Ages 13 to adult

Strengthen Your Mind

  • Learn and Practice Self-Discipline
  • Strengthen Your Mental Health
  • Grow Through Challenges
  • Develop Honor, Integrity, and Justice
  • Build and Grow Your Perseverance
  • Increase Your Knowledge and Academic Mindset

Strengthen Your Body

  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Increase Your Endurance
  • Improve Your Physical Fitness
  • Enhance Your Flexibility
  • Weight Loss
  • Develop Self-Control

Strengthen Your Spirit

  • Create an Indomitable Spirit
  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Build Your Leadership Skills
  • Fortify Your Self-Esteem
  • Develop Peace, Friendship, Camaraderie, and Tranquility
  • Build Family Relations

AFK - Jujitsu and Community

$15,000 raised for the community

Martial arts is so much more than learning how to fight. It is exercise, sport, self-defense and character development. At American Family Karate we take the Family part seriously.

We are a veteran-owned, woman-owned, family-run small business martial arts school dedicated to empowering our students to achieve their fullest personal potential by training in reality-based self-defense, stand up & ground fighting, while developing the character tenets of AFK.

We want our students to understand that character is important and develop the integrity to be future community leaders. Community service is integrated in our program. A recent kick-a-thon raised over $15,000 for a local community center.

While competitions are not our focus, students are very well-rounded and have the opportunity to compete locally, nationally, and internationally! In 2023, we had two of our instructors represent the United States of America as members of the winning United States Sport Jujitsu Team at 2023 CAN-AM International tournament, winning Gold for the US. Team AFKJ took 31 students to compete at the ASJL National Championship Tournament and return with 60 medals. Sensei Teagan and Sensei Kyle won tournament Grand Champion in Sport Jujitsu.