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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Combatives-Jujitsu?

Combatives-Jujitsu is a modern, comprehensive, reality-based, personal protection combatives system addressing all ranges angles and planes of attack, using strikes, kicks, throws, takedowns, grappling, chokes, joint locks, submissions, and modern weapons training.

The Combatives-Jujitsu curriculum is taught in a traditional martial arts format with belt promotions based on a cumulative, integrated progression of concepts and techniques; and also offers a sport application of the acquired skillset in Sport Jujitsu.

What ages do you teach?

We teach ages 4 to adult.

Do I have to worry about my kids using Martial Arts at school?

We talk about using our skills responsibly every class. It is always our goal to train up martial artissts who also have high integrity and self-control.

Will adults and kids be in the same classes?

The Teen/Adult classes train together with an emphasis on safety. Adults in youth classes are background checked as they are there as helpers.

Will your Martial Arts program help my child with his/her confidence and self-esteem?

Yes. Child psychologists tell us that the best way to develop positive self-esteem in kids is to have them in activities that work toward goals. And when they work hard and achieve those goals, they should be rewarded for that achievement. That is exactly what our customized program has been designed to do. The confidence and life lessons they learn in our program will then transfer to academics, other sports and activity! Karate training helps develop self-confidence and teaches control, helps “shy” children become more assertive. Martial Arts also teaches self-discipline which helps aggressive children learn how to control their energy and channel it in a positive way.

How many students are in each class?

Classes can range anywhere from 5-30 students, depending on many variables.  As teachers, we enjoy having students participate in all class sizes. For children, variability in class size helps them prepare for the learning atmosphere of elementary school or high school.

Can women participate in karate?
Shawnie Brown, the head instructor is a female 6th degree Black Belt. Martial Arts is something women excel at on a level equal to that of men. Only in tournaments are there separate men’s and women’s divisions.
How many days per week do students attend?

Fledglings attend once per week. Everyone else attends 2 to 6 classes per week. 

Do I have to be in good shape before I start your classes?

No. Our beginner program starts at a basic fitness level and we work you into better shape at your own pace.

I’m 30 (or, 40, 50, 60, 70), am I too old?
Age isn’t a factor, American Family Karate & JuJitsu focuses on working with you at your current physical age and conditioning and start helping you improve.
Will I get locked into a long contract when I start?

No! We have a passion to teach and do not offer long term contracts.